March 2-PAC: Graffiti, Tags, and Gang signs: Do you know the difference? Do you know how to take them off?

We have three speakers on March 13 who have the answers to those questions and any more questions you might want to ask.

Sgt. Kara Parker from 5th Pct. Property Crimes will be showing us what all that  spray paint  means.  Does that sign mean drug sales, or are gangs marking turf, or is it just a neighborhood dimwit with a can of spray paint and too much time on her hands?  How can we tell and whom do we ask?

No matter what the sign means, once it’s there, we want it off!  So does the city!  Michelle Howard will outline what the city can and can’t do to clean up the unwanted paint.

How do we make all that work?  Norma Pietz is coming to tell how the Lyndale Neighborhood organized a graffiti patrol that keeps the intrusion to a minimum in Lyndale.

We’ll gather at 6PM in the Monroe Village Community Room, 1900 Central Avenue NE and start soon after that.  Remember  there is plenty of free parking on Central and the cross streets, and the city bus stops at the corner.

If you’re interested in looking for something that happened at a past meeting, notes and announcements are kept at    Just scroll down the index on the  home screen under Recent Posts.

Do you have a question about crime or livability issues in the Second Precinct?   Someone else is probably asking the same question.  Let 2-PAC know and we’ll  find someone with the answers.  email me at the address  below


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