October PAC: Outdoor fires and other fire safety

Join us for the October meeting of the  2nd Precinct Advisory Committee on Monday, October 10.  As usual, we’ll start shortly after  6PM at Monroe Village community room, 1900 Central Avenue NE.  2-PAC is always free.  All residents of  NE and SE  Minneapolis are welcome and wanted.  There is plenty of free parking on Central and cross streets, bus stops at the corner.

Our speaker this month is Casidy Anderson, the Community Risk-Reduction Coordinator of the Mpls Fire Dept.  She will  quickly review the broadest  fire safety guidelines.  In addition, we’ll focus on recreation fires, which feel so good on chilly fall nights and which can cause all sorts of trouble.  Because one of our PAC members reported an unfortunate experience with a recreational fire in the next door yard,  I’ve asked Ms. Anderson to double check the city rules on recreational fires.  I’ve also had a mail response from Michael Rumppe who leads the Housing Inspections Dept. for the city who assures me this is a topic Inspections takes very seriously.

If you have questions about your own back yard fires, or if your neighbors have you worried,   Ms. Anderson will answer your questions.

October 10 is a holiday for some city employees, so we’ll have a smaller group than usual.  It would be nice to see more people join us.

Following Ms. Anderson’s talk, Deb  Russell will update us on our Courtwatch list.

Plan ahead:  Future programs include:  What should I do BEFORE the EMTs get here?  We need to begin planning the December 24 Thank You Dinner at the 2nd Precinct.  We will have an explanation of  new “Life Matters” MPD training program.  A new Cold Cases unit has made headlines, solving old cases; what’s new there?  Aurora and other services have been making a difference in the lives of victims of sexual trauma–what do they do that is different?

Is there a city safety  program or department you’d like to know more about?  Let us know what that is, and we’ll find someone to explain it at a future 2PAC.

Emilie Quast, Board Member

MPD Second Precinct PAC


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