2-PAC meets on Sept. 12

Join us on September 12, at 6PM for our monthly presentation by people who help us in our community.  We meet at 1900 Central Ave, Monroe Village Community Room.  There is always plenty of free parking on Central and cross streets.  19th and Central is also a bus stop.
Our speakers this month are Richard Bauman and Ted Van Winkle,  who are the lead housing inspectors for NE and SE Minneapolis, respectively.

Those of you who have watched Inspections work with the owners of problem properties probably wonder what takes so long to just get things fixed.  Others of us may have had a problem in our own homes, and wonder why the inspection needs to be so picky.

The Inspectors will let us know how our different neighborhoods are similar, and how they differ.  Then they’ll outline the procedures  they use to handle problems and tell us why those  procedures were set up.  What safeguards are written into housing inspection procedures?  Who do they supposed to protect?  How do inspections balance the rights and needs of landlords, renters, homeowners, impacted neighbors?

If you have specific questions you want to inspectors to answer, please bring them.  I’ll appreciate it if you send your questions to me in advance, to give the inspectors time to work on  thoughtful answers.  Or, just come in.  I’m pretty sure these two people have already heard it all.

Following our speakers, Inspector Loining will update us on trends in the Second Precinct.

Courtwatch updates from Sarah Becker and Deb. Russell

You can find notes and announcement from previous 2-PAC meetings on our homepage:   https://courtwatch2pac.com/

Future programs: October is Fire Safety.  November: what to do before the EMTs arrive.  I’ve had two suggestions for future presentations:  An explanation of Chief Harteau’s new training program called “Life Matters”.  The S’Trib had an article about the MPD Cold Cases: New tests and technology are making it possible to close cases that have been open for decades.



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