August Meeting: 311 – What’s new there

Join us on August 8, at 6 PM when we meet in the Monroe Village Community Room, 1900 Central Ave NE.    There is a bus stop right outside the door and plenty of free parking on Central Avenue and the cross streets.

To many of us, 311,  the portal to most non-emergency city services, seems like it’s been around forever.  Actually it took until 2003 before technology advanced enough that 311 was even possible.    Before 2003, Minneapolis had more than 20 call centers, but no way to truly link them, making coordination impossible.  Once the mayor and city council decided to move forward, a new telecom platform was installed, and the program began.  It’s still evolving.  We had a speaker on 311 several years ago, but the system has changed greatly since then while the role of 311 has expanded a great deal, supplementing 911 services and leaving that system free to deal with emergencies.   Leah Skjefte will explain how the program has evolved and will bring us up to date.  There will be time for your questions, so bring them.

We will also be hearing our first State of the Precinct monthly report since Inspector Todd Loining has returned to the Eastside to lead the Second Precinct.  City Attorney Sarah Becker will update the cases we’re watching on Courtwatch.


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