December 24th at the Precinct

Dear Northeast and Southeast Community Members,

This is the 32nd year the MPD 2nd Precinct Advisory Council is having a special event on December 24 for Minneapolis Police Officers and all other Emergency Responders who serve Northeast and Southeast Minneapolis.

Last year we realized that the people who work at the Second on the 25th — especially the ones on the night shift (dog watch) got short changed, so we’re adding items for the end of that shift to even things out.

As always, the planners look for help from the community to make this event an all-Eastside thank-you to the people who keep us safer 365 days a year, including on nights when most of us will be at home with our families.

Every year we have approached neighborhoods and businesses for donations and always been grateful for the generosity of the folks who live and work east of the river.

The commercial restaurants and other commercial kitchens are very generous with donations of food, but it takes more than that to put on this event. Right now, we’re looking for donations of paper products or cash to purchase them.  We also need new and  unused restaurant take-out containers for the folks who are taking food back to their stations.  Not everyone can come in, so attenders take food back to the others.
Can you or your neighborhood organization make a contribution to this fund, or can you offer actual supplies?

Last year so many people who stepped up to help us work in short shifts on the 24th and the 25th indicated they wanted to come back this year.  I think we have enough drivers and kitchen helpers on the list right now.  If  things change, or if you’d be interested in helping another year, please contact me at my email address below, or contact Nick or Susan, your crime prevention specialists.  I’ll be very happy to add you to our list, and I’ll send you a confirmation note.

If you find you can help by making a direct donation, please contact Emilie Quast  at the email address below.

Thank you for all you do for our community. Happy Holidays to you.

Emilie Quast
2nd Precinct Advisory Council
12-24-15 Thank You Dinner Coordinator

Your CPS is Susan Webb or Nick Juarez,


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