12.24 at the Precinct: Planning meeting

December 24 is 25 days away and we need to fine tune our annual dinner for First Responders.

This will be the 32nd  dinner for the First Responders who are scheduled to work on December 24, keeping all of us safe 365 days a year, including on this major family day.

Last year we served about 150 people and sent along many carry out containers of wonderful food for those officers to carry back to their units.  All in all, well over 200 people shared this dinner.

But the PAC board can’t do this alone.  We need your help:

Restaurants and other businesses donate food, paper products, and cash.  We need sterno cans for our chaffing dishes (the food is kept hot from noon to 10PM),  We always need sturdy paper items (plates, napkins, etc.).  Cash is always welcome to help fill the gaps.
This year’s first organization  meeting is tomorrow, Monday, Nov. 30, 6:30 at the Second Precinct.

If you have a lot of good ideas, bring them.

Can you help us with phoning?  Let us know.
Can you pick up donated items?  Let us know.
Interested in a two hour shift on the 24th?  We need help keeping the area picked up and the food safe and attractive.
Interested in a much shorter shift on the 25th when we do the final clean up?

There will be one more meeting on  December 20 or 21.

If you can’t make the meeting but want to help anyway, please contact me

Emilie Quast


or contact your Crime Prevention specialist Susan Webb or Nick Juarez




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