October 12 PAC Minutes

Call to order, 6:15, 13 attenders.
Sept meeting minutes approved.

The CERT representative was not able to attend.

PRECINCT REPORT: Inspector Waite took the opportunity to present a more detailed report on the state of the precinct.

There has been a flurry of dog thefts in the Second Precinct, including three taken in the area of 25th and Central.  These were reported on NextDoor.  The pitbull was taken during a burglary of dwelling; a maltese and chihuahua were taken from a yard and a car.   Two of the three dogs, a chihuahua and a maltese were found and returned.  Inspector has not heard more about the pitti.

Part 1 crime is up slightly, including a homicide, which was a domestic situation.  The 911 call was actually made by the suspect in the case.  Inspector Waite is confident that this increase in part 1 crime is a statistical blip.  It’s been said before:  when you have a low crime rate, as we have in the Second Precinct, even one additional event looks like a big increase.

There are more  random thefts throughout the Precinct from porches, garages, things left for a moment in a restaurant, etc.  The only apparent pattern to them is that nice weather led to more bike thefts.

The Greenline is the site of increasing theft and other problems.  The Inspector noted that entirely too often the actual crime happens in St. Paul but the next stop is in this precinct, so we get “credit” for them.  In addition to theft associated with the Greenline, the MTC Officers will stop someone for not paying to get on, and then spot something else, and again the Second Precinct is the “location”.

Protests:  Inspector Waite noted that the  protest at the 10/18 Vikings game was jointly  planned well in advance  by the MPD and the protesters.  Increasingly, protest  planners are meeting with the MPD and UMPD in advance to work out  details so that the protest can remain peaceful.  Planning accomplishes two things: the protesters protection of their  First Amendment rights by the police departments, and there is a jointly-created safety plan for all parties, including the football fans.  AIM has been holding meetings all along.

2-PAC attenders had a discussion of traffic flow during road repairs. The construction area at 18th and Johnson is causing a lot of complaints about unanticipated and poorly marked lane shifts.  Bicycle lanes are not making these surprises go any better and are an added distraction.

COURTWATCH:  We added Ryan Pularski who was picked up for disorderly conduct on 5th Street SE.  He has earned a total of 9 arrests, 7 in the Second Precinct, 3 of those over the last year.

Anthony Bilges made an Aldred plea, and will be on probation through 9/21/16.  Antoine Evans has a 70 month sentence and has been removed from our watch list.  Johnny Hall was convicted, sentenced to 13 months but will serve 180 days and then go on an “intensive” probation.  Daniel Heacock will have his competency reviewed in January.  Preston Henry pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 24 months, anticipated release is 12/16. Jaris Jovanovich pleaded guilty and got an 18 month sentence, anticipated release 3/16.  Christopher Perkins has two pending drug charges, trial 2/8/16.  Michael Weston-Rose now has a new bench warrant for failure to appear on 9/4.  Bianco Truman failed to appear and a hearing was set for 10/16.  Jason Tucker  [note-taker missed it]

2-PAC ATTENDANCE: Finally, we continued the discussion (started in Sept.) on revitalizing PAC.   Among other suggestions, Brett Miller  pointed out that people don’t identify with “Precinct Advisory Committee”, but might be more likely see themselves as part of  “Police And Community”, which keeps the acronym. Other suggestions: Police and Community Engagement, Police and Community Working Together.

Another member recalled the first PAC meeting he attended, during which a citizen received a “thank you” citation.  He was accompanied by a cheering band of neighbors, one with a drum.  This man had spotted a crime in progress and  stayed on the line sending a running description of the event until the squads could get in position.

It would be good to have an article about PAC in the Northeaster, and to send more invitations to block club leaders.  The CPS’s would have to do this as those addresses are private to the Second Precinct.

NEW BUSINESS:  Emilie received a request for a  fact sheet about  PAC, and sent one out, along with a FAQ.  She distributed copies to the attenders as drafts, and asked for revisions, corrections, and ideas about what else should be included.  If people reading these notes  have questions about PAC, please send them to me!  I’ll work on a revision and load it onto the web page.    DO consider this a work in progress.

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