Very Important Correction

The deadline request for impact statements is APRIL 27.


Call for Community Impact Statements: Prospect Park East River Road

On January 17, Jesse Alan Houge committed a 2nd Degree Aggravated Robbery (implying that he had a gun)  at Barton and Melbourne at about 8PM.  He then moved to Arthur Avenue at Sidney Place, and committed a 1st Degree Aggravated Robbery, this time displaying his gun.  He was caught and charged, and entered a guilty plea, which means no jury trial.  The judge in this case will have the sole determination of the outcome.  The Hennepin County Attorney’s office has requested impact statements from neighbors in the community.

How does this person’s crime, in your immediate neighborhood, early in the evening, make you feel about your safety close to home?  If you have been affected by this person’s action, please write a comment to be forwarded to the judge.

Your comments should include the following information:

State v. Jesse Alan Houge

Case # 27-CR-15-1797

Case # 27-CR-15-1800

Your name, phone number with area code, employer (if applicable), your title, the date.

You do not  need  to write a long, polished essay. A few honest sentences about how this person’s act made you feel or think differently, and  what you want as an outcome for the case are all that are needed.
Mr. Houge’s court date is May 1.  Impact statements should be turned in by APRIL 27 so there’s plenty of time to get them to the judge.  You may hand deliver or mail to Nick Juarez, MPD Second  Precinct, 1911 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418.  Email delivery is fine:

I am very sorry about that mistake.  Please get those statements in and ask your friends to do the same.


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