April PAC: In our Parks: Safety and programming in our award-winning public parks

Join us for our monthly 2nd Precinct Advisory Council meeting at 6 PM, on April 13 at Monroe Village Apartments, 1900 Central Avenue NE. There is plenty of on-street parking very close to the corner.

ONE CHANGE: Please enter the Monroe Village Community Room from the courtyard entrance, not the front door. Walk a quarter block down 19th and you’ll see a well-lit drive and sidewalk. The first door on your right is the security entrance to our meeting place. Signs will be up.

Our Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board has been named the Number 1 U.S. Park System, not once, but twice, in 2013 and 2014. It’s time to be planning your family’s spring sports and summer activities so you don’t miss a single day of safe, professionally planned activities. Join us at PAC to find out more about what they are and how they happen.

Our April speakers are Larry Umphrey, Director of Recreation Centers and Programs, who makes sure our programs are planned to include activities for people of all ages.

With Mr. Umphrey is Lt. Calvin Noble, who leads the patrol division of the Park Police. He will give a brief overview of his department which includes both sworn officers and non-sworn Park Patrol Agents. He will tell us how he and his staff operate, both independently and in cooperation with our own Second Precinct, to keep Eastside parks safe places to go and send our children. Inspector Waite joins him to explain how the two police departments coordinate and back each other up.

There will be plenty of time for questions following their talks. That’s also a good time to mention something you’ve seen in other cities that might be good to have in Minneapolis. Who knows? Perhaps it’s already here!


Court Watch will start approximately at 6:45 pm. Court Watch is a collaborative, community-based approach to criminal justice. Concerned citizens are partners with police, prosecutors, probation officers and others to respond to public safety issues.

This event is more than “Open to the Public”. PAC meetings are your opportunity to learn a little each month about the safety and security issues we all must handle. Learn a little and spread the word and we’ll all benefit.

2nd Pricinct Advisory Council meetings are for all Eastside people who care about safety and security in the Eastside of Minneapolis. Join us if you are a resident, business owner, or other stakeholder in the 2nd Precinct. We welcome your participation and support.


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