2nd Precinct Christmas Dinner: Volunteers and Donations Needed

Each Christmas Eve, the 2nd Precinct Advisory Council coordinates a special event for the Minneapolis Police Officers at the 2nd Precinct. We serve a holiday meal for the officers while they are working over the holiday, providing them with food from noon to midnight on Christmas Eve and storing leftovers for officers working on Christmas day.

We rely on the generosity of local businesses and individuals to provide enough food and volunteer time to make this event happen every year. We are looking for additional volunteers to help ask for food donations, arrange donation pick-ups, and serve food at the Precinct on Christmas Eve.

If you would like to volunteer or donate any items, please contact williamlloyd98@yahoo.com.  Bill Lloyd is our coordinator this year and he is working with other volunteers who make the contact calls to businesses, pick up the food on Christmas Eve morning, and serve the food.  We are also asking for some cash donations to buy paper products, such as to-go containers. Thank you for making this event possible!

Click this link to see the letter you can give to a business to request a food donation.


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